Like a puppeteer lodging himself in the puppet so as to control it and animate it.

Petach 96 begins with the statement that the exalted Partzuf of Attik Yomin (which is the same as the Attik we’ve been discussing until now) is engarbed in (i.e., is sequestered within) all of the Sephirot of the next lower Partzuf of Erich Anpin. Why is that so? In order to govern it, Ramchal says in his comments here, and to strengthen all of Erich’s Sephirot [1]. That’s to say, to connect those Sephirot to their supernal root, Radlah, he offers as well.

The phenomenon of a higher Partzuf or Sephira being engarbed in a lower one is analogous to that of the hand of the puppeteer lodging himself in the puppet so as to control it and animate it.


[1]         See Petach 74.


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